SDB Vitrinebouw B.V.  produces glass display cabinets for over 60 years. Our clients consists of shops, offices and museums. Besides a very big standard collection we produce custom display cabinets. With our experience we create a fine balance between "conserving" and "exhibiting".

In addition the designers of the display cabinets always work with the latest innovative ways to improve quality, design and practical use. This combines craftsmanship with constant renewal.

With custom made cabinets the knowledge is noticeable  from the first conversation.  We discuss all the specifications with the client taking into consideration the use in space, visibility and flexibility of the presentation. With our experience we take the lead and ask questions a bit sharper which result in a better end result.

The curators tell museumstories by bringing different artifacts together in one room. Each object deserves a place where it best suited and it deserves its own care and attention for its conservation. Some objects are particularly fragile, while others ask special attention for light, air or acidity. And again, others are so precious that they must be well protected. 

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